Fundraising Support

Tailormade Training / Workshop

We use our years of expertise to design tailor-made training for your NGO.

Whatever be your challenge; Whether you wish to expand to other geographies, pick up a new fundraising channel, an issue to resolve, or struggling to ensure that the whole team is on board, we are all ears and ready to help. Our experience of having rolled up our sleeves and worked for years on actually implementing fundraising on the ground for organizations of all sizes, lend us the ability to quickly deliver the exact solutions. We're happy to develop training for a group of organisations facing common challenges. This training could be delivered in the city of your choice, where the NGOs may share costs making it a win win for all the participants.

Email to our Chief of Operations, Rashmi, to discuss your need for tailormade training.

In 2019, we supported over 120 professionals working with various NGOs, with tailor-made training, exploring key topics such as,

  • CSR opportunities
  • Researching for right CSR opportunity
  • Developing winning proposals
  • Developing a case for support
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Fundraising skills for trustees
  • Setting up successful Individual Fundraising operations
  • Corporate fundraising

Contact us now to discuss our new Tailormade training course for “Effective Telecalling - Negotiation and Pitching Skills” - delivered in-house for your team.

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