Fundraising Support

Our job is to guide your actions, and help you develop into a successful fundraiser

We are ready to help you bloom as a world Class Fundraiser through our specialized tailormade Mentoring Program, imparting key skills in your specialized area of Fundraising.

There are various ways of utilizing the expertise of Experienced Mentors -

  • Organizing special session on “Fundraising Environment and Market Insights” for your Board Members and Key Senior Management team, especially if you are thinking about starting fundraising in any Asian country.
  • Helping Senior Management team in developing and presenting their “Case for fundraising Investment” to the Board and/or international Office.
  • Training & inducting new Staff on Fundraising roles
  • Sharing the best international practices through “Tailormade fundraising sessions” or “Skillshare”
  • Facilitating Fundraising “Skillshare” or “Annual Reviews” with lessons for growth.
  • Coaching & handholding New Fundraising Directors/ Managers.
  • Grooming Fundraising Staff for higher responsibilities and succession planning.
  • Working with NGO boards for “Fundraising Review & Audits”
  • Developing “Special mentoring module” specifically for meeting the challenge being faced by an NGO.

If you are looking for professional fundraising mentoring & guidance on any of the above topic, please write to

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