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What do you want to achieve for your organisation? Greater efficiency and effectiveness? More income? Real growth? We want to work in close partnership with you to bring your vision for your organisation to life. And to help you meet new challenges with fresh solutions.

We are used to working at every level, from everyday hands-on projects to reach the sky ideas. What we bring to the table is original, intelligent thinking, a creative approach and rock solid, practical experience. Together we can achieve amazing things.

We offer strategic assurance services and advice for the best impact from your CSR initiatives.

  • CSR strategy
  • Board development for CSR
  • Initiatives for Triple bottom-line impact
  • Audit, Review and Gap Analysis
  • Advocacy concept development
  • Campaign development.


Stewardship and Supporter Care

We are experienced in developing and analysing both online and paper based surveys to supporters which aim to provide statistically valid data.

Prospect research

Our experienced researchers are able to produce both top line and detailed profiles matching potential donors to your project requirement. We can research locally, nationally or globally.


Success in securing grant funding is a process and to ensure you are engaging with all relevant internal and external stakeholders as you work through the process.

Our Advisory Services

High value fundraising is becoming increasingly competitive and partnerships more sophisticated. Wealthy donors are influential individuals who can often not only provide significant personal donations but access to other donors, corporate partners and trust donations. However, the way they support charities is changing. Those organisations succeeding in this area have recognized that taking an holistic approach to fundraising from high value supporters – engaging and involving them in their work and seeking their input and advice rather than just their funding – is the route to success.

With increasing pressures on the sector with recent regulation changes we are launching a forum focussing on Fundraising Regulation and Compliance.

The Primary aims are:

  • To provide a peer group and support for this specialist niche role
  • To enable the individuals to network and problem solve including debating and challenging thinking and ideas
  • To help share learning across member organisations

Our extensive network of contacts in the sector enable us to put together groups of charities to meet all of your benchmarking needs. Whatever aspects of performance, structure or resourcing you want to compare yourself to; we can define the right questions to ask and the organisations from whom you have the most to learn. We encourage you to consider direct competitors; comparator organisations – similarly sized and working in a different causal sector and benchmark organisations – those who are seen to be ‘best in class’ within the sector. Our analysis will enable you to apply any lessons learnt quickly and effectively

The benefits of peer-to-peer learning and support, strategic and practical tools, personal development and above all, playing their part in strengthening the voice of supporter services and providing a platform from which to address the sector.

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