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We offer strategic assurance services and advice for the best impact from your CSR initiatives.

  • CSR strategy
  • Board development for CSR
  • Initiatives for Triple bottom-line impact
  • Audit, Review and Gap Analysis
  • Advocacy concept development
  • Campaign development.

Happy and engaged employees to make a better world.

  • Awareness and engagement drive at office & off site locations.
  • CSR grants advisory and administration.
  • Grants to the right NGO(Thematic, Ethnicity & Geographical)

The Centre For Fundraising certifies non-profit organisations after meeting established minimum criteria for financial management and accountability.

  • To provide a mechanism of certification for NGOs which meet established minimum criteria for greater transparency and accountability.
  • To encourage private sector participation in social development through CSR Programs.
  • To simulate and integrate the efforts of the non-profit sector to elevate its standards of service delivery.
  • To provide a system for CSR-NGO collaboration.